EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming Graphics Card Reviews

A desktop without a graphics card is like a book without a reader, useless and purposeless. With the best graphics card, you can do wonders by using the features listed in your desktop to elevated levels. Not only does it allow proper functioning of the desktop but also proves to be more crucial than the CPU.

Short Answer Time: Know Pros & Cons


  • Real Base Clock of 1721 MHz along with Real Boost Clock of 1860 MHz offering the vital speed and viability. Also, the memory details are 8192MB GDDR5X which is an eminent one for such price.
  • DX12 OSD Support with EVGA Precision XOC rendering the product with better features. All with a plug-and-play compatibility as well as an all-time low latency, having leading VR headsets.


  • Heat-up issues are often experienced by the users. Also, the fan speed gets modified on a regular basis leading to serious problems while gameplay or video streaming.

Bottom Line

Overall, the product is supposed to be one of the best in the market with an astonishing display and a clarity that sets the mood of every gamer. Along with this, the graphics card comes for a price range that’s affordable easily. You must get your hands on this eminent graphics card if you’re planning to buy one soon.

Performance and Durability

Emerging from the grounds of graphics experts, this asset is a highly-sought after one. With an attractive exterior, with about matte finish all-over and a black and silver design, metal everywhere, the product is commendable. Also, an eye-fetching EVGA-branded backplate provides all the support that’s required by the graphics card. The product has been gratifying thousands of users ever since it’s launched. Hardly any issue regarding performance aspects has been reported up till now. Also, the graphics card is a durable one and can be used on a long-term basis easily.

Clock Speed Eminence

Having a greater clock speed (example 3 GHz and 4 GHz) does not imply that the one having a greater one will deliver twice the performance.  This product is equipped with Memory Detail: 8192MB GDDR5X and a clock speed of 1721 MHz and Real Boost Clock 1860 MHz. This is the average clock speed that is essential to run the games at an optimum rate. With such features, the graphics card proves to be amazing in every regard. Hardly any deformity has been reported in the product so far and its main feature is the ecstatic clock speed.

Graphics Capabilities

3-D rendering capabilities increase the value and price of graphics cards to ameliorated levels. SmartSDR is actually a 2 Dimensional application, but its ability to support 3 Dimensional spectrum display is a possibility sometime in the future.  It is suggested that there is no need for an exceptional 3 Dimensional graphics capabilities of this gaming video adapter. Hence, there is no need to buy an adapter. This high-tech graphics card allows virtual reality instilled video streaming offering realistic streaming. DX12 OSD Support with EVGA Precision XOC is the most unique feature of this gaming asset.

Graphics Processing Unit

Most graphics cards today use either the AMD (previously ATI), Intel or NVIDIA GPUs.  All are found to work in a manner that is equally efficient; however, the AMD drivers seem to have a DPC latency that is lower than NVIDIA.  For instance, if one uses the AMD processor along with the motherboard and AMD chipsets, the graphics card from AMD will be a beast and it will pair up perfectly. If NVIDIA and AMD are to be paired up together with NVIDIA chipsets then there NVIDIA holds an advantage. This highly prodigious gaming asset uses NVIDIA GPU for offering the most viable working. Also, the gameplay is rendered with facile nature and even the most demanding game becomes easy when played using this graphic’s card.

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After carefully examining each and every feature, we have come up with the most unique features of this graphics card. Not only does it allows better functioning, but is also equipped with an astonishing display and graphics quality.


This highly sorted graphics card allows better video streaming, can tackle every issue with your gaming sessions and is a durable one. Even when the workload is too much, the graphics card has the capabilities to bear the load without showing any significant deformity.